Is Bali a “Paradise on Earth”?

There used to be kind of saying reads  ‘don’t  die yet  before visiting Bali’ , is a message to put across to people, about how charming Island Bali is not to miss out to visit before getting doomed.

Since the 1970s, Bali has changed rapidly, springing up resorts, from  non-star to famous 5 star and plus hotel. Bali’s stunning beaches are commodities while statues, temples and simple pleasures  are also the charm attracting many tourists. Balinese in general are warm, hospitable,  nice and spiritual with most of them following Hindu.

Talking about Bali, a bunch of aspects come to mind. It is a tropical state of mind, it is a holiday mood  with beaches around, paddy rice fields,  and it is kind of an aspiration maybe,  making it the most beautiful places on Earth.

In Bali, accommodation is not big problem. You can search for a house, villas. Realtors Group can be contacted  for price range and location. Once you are in Bali, you will likely want to reside in it. There can be many cost-savings and perks for you here which are much rare in other Islands across the world.

You might have been informed about the great business opportunities or else about a contradicting report touching and inspiring experiences living in Bali or otherwise news of failure in an investment venture and the fair share of scary and horrible experiences. However, you’ll never truly realize how living in Bali is like until you experience it for yourself.

Well, the fact is Bali is not by any means the paradise that most tourists thought it is. Working and living in Bali is a complete difference from your holiday experience in Bali. Living in Bali can be stressful but in a different perspective from the western countries. Bali  can be expensive,  yes you can buy food at street shops for Rp 6000 ($5-6), however visas, imported goods, education, school and medical treatment are all costly. Bali can be wet or hot, exciting or dangerous, wonderful or dreadful. This paradise island can help you fulfil your dreams or make you lost in an untrue ocean

If you hope to find a job Bali, it’s not an easy path.  Beside the employment visa is a complicated issue to deal with, pay will not be the same as in western countries. Most of the expats in Bali are self-employed and run their own businesses.