Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value Under $400-$750

Renovating a house can help increasing its value, so if you have any idea about selling or renting your house in the future, renovating your house can be a great idea. If you think that renovate a house can be costly well you might be wrong, as you can have a renovation only for $100 and you can figure it how by reading our previous articles. But if you have more money for renovating a house, we suggest you to do it, since the more money that you invest in your house, the more value your house will get. Below are several tips that you can try if you have budget range from $400 to $750.

Tip 1: Big Return on Bathroom Updates

One of the great ways to update under $750 is to update your bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms only need small work  which cause one cost –effective-change like replacing an outdated vanity, old plumbing, lighting fixtures, adding a new tile floor, or spraying a new wall color with an airless spray gun will update your room looks into a more modern and bring a lot of bang for your buck.

Tip 2: Any kitchen Update Equals Added Value

Another room that can be renovated reasonably is kitchen. In fact, kitchen is the key for maximizing your home’s value. You can start by swapping out just one item, such as an old microwave or dirty sink for shinny looking. Believe it or not that a small kitchen updates can cause big value to your home.

Tips 3: Replace Worn Carpets or Rugs

Don’t look down on the importance of having a clean and neat carpet, since nothing turns buyers off more than the thought that they will immediately need to replace all of the flooring in a home. If you can’t change the entire carpet in your home all at once because of a limited budget, you can start with replacing the most wear out one.

Tip 4: Keep up with regular maintenance and repairs

Make a list of all the little things that are broken or in need of repair, a small broken things may not be a problem, but if there are a bunch of small broken things are found scattered all over your house, it will create an impression that your home has been neglected. You can have a handyman to tackling the repairs.

Tip 5: Getting More Organized

Having more organized rooms will make your house looks more attractive to homebuyers which cause the increment of house’s value. If you cannot organize it by yourself, you can hire a professional organizer for a day. They will show you how to organize various rooms in your home and teach you tricks for keeping it organized.


Why Invest in USA Can Be so Tempting?

We know that US is the leader country but what actually makes someone dare to invest in that country? Is it really worth it for having investment in US, especially USA property investment? You know that there are some reasons that attract foreigners to take part on investing in US. Below are some of the top reasons that make many foreigners cannot resist the temptation for investing in US.

  • The World’s most Attractive Consumer Market

The high GDP of USA (for over $16 trillion) and the biggest amount of people population (for more than 318 million) have made the United States become the world’s most attractive consumer market. With this range, America has a wide range of consumer tastes and income levels. This surely becomes one of the reasons for many success goods and services sales. No wonder, USA has always become the beacon of any trends and product as no brands can achieve global market until they can penetrate the USA market, this reason usually attract many foreigners to buy house and expand their business in USA.

  • Highly Educated and Productive Work Force

With a highly educated work force has made the American workers are highly trusteed and best known as the world’s most productive workers, as US values their workers within per hour worker’s output. US workers are competent because of forty-three percent of Americans productive ages have completed a level of education beyond high school. Besides, the American spirit has made the society get used to adapt with any circumstances and they focus to look forward for any good opportunities which are presented ahead. That is why mostly American workers are diverse, flexible in the workplace, and mobile.

  • World’s Top Universities and Colleges

Moreover, America is widely known as the world’s best university and college system. This is proved by one study that ranks various American universities and college system as the top seven among ten popular universities in the world. These universities often become the pioneers of many new developments and technologies, these developments usually attract new business investment and become one of the reasons for foreigners to buy a property in the US.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property

Everybody knows that US is the world’s leader in protecting intellectual property rights (IPR), such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other forms of IPR are involved. This means you can protect your IP rights from infringement and obtaining protection for these valuable business assets is simple and cost-effective.

4 Predictions for the Housing Market in 2015

As the price of real estate always comes up and down, doing predictions about the price will be a bit difficult. Moreover, if you are an investor who would like to do property investment which is related closely with purchasing and mortgaging real estate activities, below predictions will help you as they are collected from property experts. Learn more about the predictions by reading the article below.

  1. The Demographic Wave of Millennial will Help Boost Prices

Knowing how many people in certain age and at certain place will make the predictions become easier. For example, the census Bureau announced that the cohort of now-23-year-old Americans is the largest in the country, followed by 24 and 22 year olds, respectively. This group of population will have a family and need a house for a shelter. Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at, stated that this generation will drive two-thirds of household formations over the next five years. In fact, it will need five years ahead before they finally buy a house. Moreover, Smoke thinks that 2015 will mark the next five years where the Millenial generation’s presence in the housing market will be truly felt.

  1. Young People will Continue to Demand Housing where It’s Tough to Build

At the S&P Panel, Nobel Prize-Winning economist Robert Shiller pointed out that since the housing crisis, the total value of owner occupied housing has remained flat. This is because builders have not been constructing many single-family homes at all, a situation that the US economy hasn’t faced since the Great Depression.

  1. Mortgage rates will rise

Even though the market haven’t rise this year, but many analysts were convinced that mortgage rates would rise, as the impact on the back of an improving economy and the winding down of the Fed’s bond-buying stimulus program. However, Economists are still optimist that the price will raise in 2015. As it is stated by Smoke, the 30 year rate will experience 5% up by the end of next year and more than 100 basis point increases from today.

  1. Home Price Increases will Decelerate, but Affordability will decline

In 2014, market experiences a bit depleted as home prices goes up by 6.4% each year, after reaching 10.6% in 2013. Moreover, Fortune’s economists doubt that home values would continue to rise, that because the rebound from the bursting of the housing bubble has just about run out of steam, with Trulia’s Kolko estimating that homes are only 3% undervalued relative to fundamentals nationally.

How Real Estate Can Boost Your Income in Retirement

Having secure retirement is what mostly people dream of. That is why placing your money retirement as property investment is quite popular these days, as placing your money into it can grow your money swiftly. Moreover, there are many more advantages that can be achieved when someone places their money as real estate investment. Besides, as real estate is a physical asset, so it never goes away until you decide you don’t want it anymore.

So, if you are ready to start your real estate investment, retirees must do a cost-benefit analysis to find out if the effort is worth it. As a first step, you need to use the asset correctly to produce the right amount of cash flow. Then choose what kind of real estate investment that attractive for you to boost your income. There are three ways that you can use regarded to real estate.

  1. Rent a Room in Your Home

If you have quite a big house, why don’t you rent your room? This idea can be more appealing if you live in college towns where many people ask for rentals room. To find out what room rental rates are in your area, you can check on local ads, then do a bit comparison about it and its amenities, for example, a private entrance, a pool or off-street parking which are all good accessories to leverage your rent.


  1. Consider a Reverse Mortgage

There are other ways that can be used when retirees are searching for other sources to get more income from real estate which is called as reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is an amount of money which is borrowed from a bank with some requirements. This kind of cash-strapped homeowner’s financial planning will provide better benefits to the older. Reverse mortgages may have two sides, some see it as pros and some say it as cons. On the other hand, they provide a stable revenue stream for those who remain in their primary residences. On the other hand, closing costs and fees can be expensive. So, it is your job to take it or not, but, taking a deep learning about it is a wise way.


  1. Buy a Home or Apartment Building

The most common way is through purchasing a home or apartment building. For beginners, retirees who invest in property will struggle with unique challenges, such as age problem and life situation. But this kind of investment will guarantee you in having quick cash, as home and apartment building are solid asset, which are relatively easily to be sold without causing any complicated methods. Moreover, the value of solid asset is likely experiencing increment rather than reduction.

4 Best Secrets for Purchasing a home

Are you interested for having a house whether for your own living or for property investment? If you have a strong commitment to buying a house, then below steps will help you purchase a house in a manageable way. Besides, by following steps below will prevent you from spending your money in unimportant ways. So, these steps will help you focus on getting what you want which in this case is buying a house.

  1. Keep Your Money Where It Is

All lenders need to see that you’re reliable enough on managing your money, in this sense spending your money in a big amount of money around three or six months before buying a new home is not a wise action, as this will impact on your credit profile. Moreover, open a new credit card will also not a good way as a new one amass too much debt. In fact, lenders want your complete paper trail before they provide you with a best loan possible.

  1. Get Pre-Approved for Your Home Loan

Getting pre-approved means a lender has to check all of your financial information. Moreover, they also will inform you about how much you can afford to purchase and how much they will lend you. This will help you save time from searching around and looking at house you can’t purchase. On the other side, you can use this time for shopping around to find the best deal and the best interest rate. Ensure that there are no hidden or unclear information in your loan, such as junk fees or processing fees.

  1. Avoid a Border Dispute

To avoid future dispute, arrange a survey of your property which will inform you about what exactly that you are buying about, such as your property lines and get it done. This will prevent you to dispute with your neighbors. Furthermore, your property tax will be valued based on how much property you have, so having accurate map drawn up will be best.

  1. Don’t Try to Time the Market

Are you waiting for the right time to buy a house? Then you should have not because the best time to buy a house is when you find the right house which fits your budget. In fact, struggling to anticipate the housing market is almost impossible as real estate has a cynical pattern, the price will go up and down and back up again. This is why wait for the perfect time will induce you own nothing.

Top 3 Tips for Buying an Investment Property

For many people, buying property is maybe their first experience or if this is not the first time of buying property, some people may still need some tips as buying property will involve a large sums of money, and nobody wants to use it in the wrong way. That is why, below article will provide you with the top three tips for buying an investment property, that is hopefully can help you to have a convenient buying process.

  • Choosing the Right Property at the Right Price

Buying in property has a close relation with capital growth that is why choosing the property that will experience the increasing in the future is crucial. However, buying shares where the value can change abruptly is not an easy task. For this purpose, you need to do a proper research, as this will help you know what a property is worth in one area and you could do a bargain. Moreover, do not buy property from an area that you do not familiar with.

To get more valuable data on different locations and property developments you can contact some lenders and mortgage insurers in order to avoid you selecting the wrong property investment. Furthermore, never make a decision to purchase an investment property because of a tax deduction.

  • Do your sums-Cash Flow is always King!

Everybody may agree that property investment can produce wealth. However, buy a property is not about the ability in purchasing it, but how to manage the money, so you will know when to sell your investment property at the right time. Moreover, because of rent earning and a tax deduction of the property owning, once you have a property, it can be quite reasonable to keep it and service the loan. Furthermore, over time rents tend to increase as does your own income.

For having a close predictions of what it might cost you to own an investment property. For your information, it will be better, if you look at cost of servicing the loan on an after tax basis, so you can get a real predictions of the cost.

For example:

Purchase Price of Property: $500,000 Stamp Duty and other costs: $20,000 Amount Borrowed: $520,000 Rental Income Received: $450 per week

Ongoing Costs Interest Cost @ 5.00% p.a: $26,000 Rates: $1,500 Land Tax: $804.00 (Calculate your land tax in NSW ) Agents Fee @ 7%: $1,638 Insurance: $500

Total Costs: $30,422 Less Rent: $23,400 ($450 per week x 52) Annual Shortfall: $7,022 Less tax deduction: $3,160 (assuming a tax rate of 45%) Annual after Tax cost: $3,862 or the equivalent of $74.26 each week

For a note, this example your cost of holding this investment property works out at only $75 per week.

  • Understand the market and the dynamics where you are buying

Find out if there are other options available in the immediate area and get as many information as you can from locals and real estate agents. Hopefully, they can tell you an area with a good price property. Furthermore, it is a good trick to get inside information. Accessing independent information from a source such as RP data can give you information on average rents, property values, demographics and suburb reports.

Types of Properties Suitable for SMSF

Currently, self-managed super fund (SMSF) is quite popular for property investment, as it can help collecting money for your retirement day. It is a type of superannuation scheme that puts the beneficiaries as members. In fact, there are several kinds of property which are affordable in SMSF, such as houses and units, houses and land packages, Dual key properties, serviced apartments, and commercial property, but we will discuss the three most common types of investments which many people wish to have when their twilight years arrive.

  • Established houses and units

If you already have your favorite property, house, unit or townhouse that you might want to live in or you can simply purchase them through your super. You don’t need to buy a new or unusual property. Since the latest rulings by the ATO, investing in older properties has become less of a hassle, which permits extensive repairs to be carried out to SMSF properties; this surely helps reducing the burden of home owner or tenant.

Same as any SMSF investment, you can choose your favorite location if your fund can cover the property’s entire value. However, if you are borrowing, it will be better to consider the fundamentals: a good location with growth potential, quality tenants and a tight rental market with a healthy enough revenue to cover your repayments. As your super income does not allow you to invest in prestige market, unless you have a high salary, in this sense property in middle ring city suburbs will be better.

  • Serviced apartments

Due to high promised returns, serviced apartments are popular with some SMSF investors. Besides, more than 60% of buyers are prefer to buy via self-managed super funds which reflect the market. The interest may arise due to the guaranteed rental yield of 6.5% and an annual incremental rental increase of 4%, plus the offer of 100% tenancy.

Serviced apartments are similar with McDonalds’ property. Since Super assets were supposed to provide regular income with low volatility which can be used as a pensions support, as you’ve got as an asset that can produce income and allow pensions to be paid without the need to sold the property.

  • Dual Key Properties

Having two or more separate dwellings on a single title can gain you double or triple revenues, and even more. This type of property is likely found around capital cities and it mostly offers higher rental yields. Since they are on one title, so you only own one property and there’s no problem with the single asset rule. However, selling Dual Key properties may be more difficult rather than selling other types of property, as it only attracts fewer potential buyers.