Staining & Sealing Interior Decoration

In this article, we give eight steps to properly stain and seal interior decoration. If you are a painter, you can follow the below steps to produce perfect result for your interior decoration, especially if you work with airless spray, this article will suit you best.

Step 1: Allow the Concrete to Cure
Newly poured concrete needs to be stayed for four to six weeks before being stained and sealed. If you let the concrete is applied by any sealing system before the concrete cure, it will fail your work. Therefore, in the end it produces bad result.

Step 2: Wash the Surface
It will be important to make sure that the concrete surface is clean and free of grease, dirt, paints, waxes, and other surface contaminants prior to staining. Moreover, you can use a neutral cleaner to clean the surface, such as MasonrySaver Cleaner&Degreaser.

Step 3: Apply a Concrete Stain for Color
Choose a proper concrete stain for your project, such as Smith’s color floor. This kind of paint is best applied by airless sprayers, HVLP sprayers, or garden sprayer. This is because it is a water-based dye stain. Moreover, you may need to apply multiple colors of stain to the surface to achieve the desired color. Remember to follow all of the manufacturer’s direction when applying a stain.

Step 4: Wash the surface (Skip this step when using Smith’s color floor)
Once again, you need to wash the surface after the stain has dried completely. This step will remove any residue left over from the staining process. Clean the surface using a neutral cleaner that you use in the previous step. You can use a stiff bristle brush or a floor scrubber with a scrub brush attachment to clean the surface. However, cleaning with a floor scrubber will be accomplished on low speed. When there is no stain residue, you can achieve an adequate cleaning by wiping the cleaned surface with a white towel.

Step 5: Allow the Surface to dry
The surface must be allowed to dry completely after applying the color dye. Application of a sealer on a damp surface can result in a ‘blushing’ effect, where the sealer takes on a cloudy appearance as moisture becomes trapped inside of it.

Step 6: Apply Two Coats of Concrete Sealer
Applying two coat of MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Sealer per label directions to seal the patio. Moreover, you can apply the sealer with a brush and roller or by spraying using a garden variety pump-up type sprayer. Avoid puddling or “ponding” of the product. Before applying the second coat, provide adequate time between coats for the sealers to completely dry. Then, reapplied the sealer within four hours, the sealer will be too hard to bond to after four hours of cure time. Before subjecting the surface to foot traffic, you need to allow a minimum of four hours. Within  3 to 4 days the sealer is ready to be used.

Step 7: Wax the surface (interior surfaces only)
Don’t forget to apply a protective floor finish on interior surfaces. By finishing the floor, you will avoid the sealer get eroded by the abrasion of foot traffic. Apply two coats of MasonrySaver#25 Floor Finish to all non-traffic areas and apply six coats to all traffic areas. This product will produce glossy finish when applied. You can use a high speed-floor buffer equipped with a polishing pad, if you wish to produce a high gloss finish.

Step 8: Maintain the Finish
When the floor starts to show an uneven sheen, you need to re-apply a coat of the finish. For daily maintenance, you can wash the floor with a mild detergent and water. To apply maintenance coat, re-apply one coat of the floor finish in all non-traffic areas and three coats in all traffic areas. Use a high speed buffer equipped with a buffing pad to buff the finish to a high gloss.



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