6 Projects that Looks Stunning with Airless Spray

Airless spray is best known as the best painting tool that can distribute paint faster and smoother. In fact, with airless spray painting, you can finish your painting projects easier. This is because airless sprays work much better than a brush or roller, especially on uneven surface. They are also efficient, save time and give your home a fresh current style easily.

Restore Outdoor Furniture
Take the worn-out patio furniture and turn it into a new one. In fact, only with some sandpaper and paint, you can transform them into something you can be proud of at your garden. Even, you can paint for plastic available.

Protect Your Fence
With an airless sprayer, spraying a new coat of sealer on your fence is so much faster. Pick a sealant that will work with the sprayer. Besides, to minimize overspray, you need to work on a still day.

Renovate a Lamp
You can change your old looking lamp into a fresh one only by painting it with new color. You can even choose paint with a texture or metallic sheen. Besides, it also works best on lamps with a matte finish.

Paint Fun Color in a Children’s Room
If you have some unused furniture in the storage, you can dress them up with pretty paints. You don’t have to match them all, but you can aim for similar styles. For example, you can use white as it is a classic color but its brightness can liven up a kid’s room. Don’t forget to remove the drawers before painting and consider updating the hardware.

Unify Picture Frames
Don’t underestimate your wood frames; it can change the atmosphere of your room only by changing your wood frames colors. For example, paint them black and white to have a stylish contemporary look.

Renew Wicker Furniture
Wicker is one of furniture that is notoriously difficult to paint as it absorbs the paint. So, you need to remove any loose fibers before beginning and apply a few coats on the wicker. White, black, or dark brown are colors that can make your wicker looks stunning.


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