Tips for Bringing Out the Best in Your Airless Sprayers Paint

Many painters will refer to airless sprayers when it comes to painting project; especially for large area painting. If you are a beginner, you may think that it is easy to use airless spray for painting. But, you may need to reconsider it as it is not like spraying arbitrarily. In fact, if you want to be a professional painter, you need to know several tips for a perfect result. Check them out below!

Set the Proper Pressure
The Viscosity of the coating being used and the temperature will depend on the proper pump pressures. In fact, with cooler temperatures, you can have viscous or thicker finish. You can simply turn up the pump pressure to the maximum and spray to solve any potential problem. However, this will increase the wasted paint because of bounce-back and more dry spray.

As a solution, you can find the pressure that removes the “tails” in the spray pattern with lesser pressure.  Tails are the thicker part of paint or finish lines at the edges of the spray pattern and slightly separated from the rest of the pattern. By turning up the pump pressure, the spray pattern becomes even. Hence, stop turning up the pressure once the tails disappear.

Replace Worn Spray Tips
The spray tip is where the liquid comes out through the pump. It looks like a hole and is squeezed to create an elongated opening or two little “wings” of metal that are used to squeeze the pattern. So, how do you know that your spray tip still works properly? The only way to determine is to spray a short horizontal burst on vertical scrap wood or cardboard. Your tip is worn if it produces much longer in the middle than at the edges.

Use a Proper Size Tip
We all know that spray paint varies in size and each size aims for a particular result. For example, a smaller tip is usually used for a clear lacquer or varnish and a larger tip for latex paint. You also may find that tips usually come with a three-digit number such as 309 or 517. The first number refers to one-half the fan width in inches with the spray gun held 12 inches from the surface. The last two digits refer to the size of the orifice in thousands of an inch.

As your information, 409 to 511 tips will be suitable for spraying clear finishes while 517 to 619 is for spraying latex paint.

Keep the Filters Clean
Generally, an airless sprayer has three filters. The first filter is at the inlet to the siphon hose. The second is in the sprayer’s manifold and catches globs of paint of finish before they reach the spray gun. The last is in the spray gun.

To prevent any clogging, damage to piston and to get the most debris-free results, make sure you keep these three filters clean.

Safety Tips
Don’t forget to use a tip guard when spraying. When it isn’t in use, engage the trigger lock on the spray gun. Moreover, remember to shutting off the pump first and releasing the pressure before making adjustments to the spray gun.


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