Tips for Exterior Painting with Airless Spray Gun

Painting for exterior design can be a bit different compared to painting for interior design. This is why we need different techniques when it comes to exterior painting jobs. But before we come to the tips, we need to know the right tools to finish the job and there’s no more better way to deliver paint onto a surface than with airless spray gun. In addition, you also need paint brush and roller to make perfect your work. Now, you have all the tools, here are some tips that will make you paint like an ace!

Adjust the Sprayer, Starting with Low Pressure
Adjusting the proper pressure setting on the sprayer will rely on the thickness of the paint. Therefore, the best way to start it by setting the pressure on low and make a pass on a scrap piece of cardboard or rosin paper. But, you need to be more careful as setting the pressure too low will make the result uneven and there’ll be “fingers” on the edges. Set up the pressure until you get a nice, even spray pattern with a consistent edge. If after the pressure all the setting the pattern still looks poor, you may need to change your tip size one goes up.

Keep the Sprayer Gun Upright to the Wall
The tip of the sprayer should be held about 12 in from the wall with the gun remain upright to the wall.  In fact, this is the basic technique for a professional finish. At first, the result might not satisfy you yet, but after only a few passes you’ll be painting like a pro. Practice on a low-visibility wall until you nail it.

Overlap 50 Percent
Release the trigger at the end of each pass and overlap the pattern for about 50 percent. Before pulling the trigger you can start the gun in motion. Point the tip upward to get enough paint on the bottom portion of the board when spraying under lap siding or the side of trim boards. Bear in mind to always start at the top of the wall and work your way down.

Back Brush and Back-Roll
If you think that spraying paint all over your wall is enough, you are wrong! As paint sprayer is only a paint delivery system. To make the paint stick to the surface for years, you need to push the paint into every crack and crevice and underneath every lap with a brush, after that, back-roll the paint with paint roller. Hence, don’t spray width area all at once as the paint could be dried before you can roll it out.

Pay Attention to the Weather
The best weather for painting is a cloudy weather as direct sunlight will make the paint dries before you have time to back brush and back roll. Moreover, rainy day is also impossible for painting. That is why; cloudy weather is the best weather for painting.

Reverse the Tip to Purge Clogs
Most Spray Tips are reversible the arrow as they have an arrow on them. When your sprayer starts producing an uneven spray pattern, you may have a clog in the tip. If that happens, you can turn the tip 180 degrees and spray some paint onto a piece of cardboard or rosin paper for a while. After that, turn back the tip and continue painting. This will help you purge the debris. But, if this way doesn’t work, you need to clean the tip or one or more of the inline filters.



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