5 Basic Techniques to Spray Paint like a Pro

Some people think that painting with sprayer is easier than painting with paint roller or brush. But, if you’re not familiar with it, the results can be disappointing. Therefore, to prevent you from making any errors in your painting projects, you can read the following techniques. In fact, there are many things that you can take as a good consideration when it comes to spray painting. Here are them:

Using a Spray Gun
If you paint for a living, you better buy a spray gun with a compressor. This tool works best at a large painting job and it produces you with a fine spray. A spray gun uses the air delivered from your compressor to draw paint from a paint basin. Then, burst it through a nozzle.

Basic Spray Paint Techniques
It is important to clean, free of rust and debris, and smooth your surface with sandpaper or steel wool before using a lint-free cloth to remove any remaining dust. This is because any surface bumps or imperfections will appear through the paint.

After cleaning the object, you can start with a can of spray paint. Shake it for 3 or 4 minutes to mix the paint thoroughly. Make a space between the can and surface for about 10” to 12”, aimed to one side. Then, in one fluid motion, move the paint horizontally across the surface. Don’t forget to use your entire arm when moving the can. Moreover, drying time can be different at different rates. So, you can read the instructions on the back of the can to know more about its drying time.

Painting Small Objects
If your object is small, you can use a paint booth to reduce overspray. Then, you can use a cardboard box on its side to set up a makeshift paint booth. Place the object on a turntable. This will help you paint from all angles easier as it allows you to spin it without touching.

Use a Respirator
Most of spray paint fumes contain toxic, so you better wear a mask or a respirator. However, we suggest you to use a respirator for better protection than a mask which offers a very little protection.

A respirator may be a little expensive compared to a mask. But, it is still much cheaper than going to the doctor for respiratory problems. A respirator with replaceable filter costs just $20 or $30 and it will survive many paint projects. So, in the long run a respirator is safer and cheaper than a mask.

Reviving Old Cans of Paint
After several usages, sometimes a spray paint will stop to spray. If this happens you can remove the nozzle. Then, soak it overnight in mineral spirits or paint thinner to dissolve the paint.

If the above technique does not work for you, you can put the can in a bucket of hot water. This will reduce the adhesiveness of the paint and help the pressure in the can. Remember to use hot water not boiling water.


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