Steps on How to Set Up HVLP Spray Guns

There are many types of spray gun. One of them is HVLP spray gun. When it comes to set up HVLP guns there are three things that you should consider. They are air supply, the right tip size, and your spray test. So, let’s see how these three things can make your HVLP guns run well.

Air Supply

In order to operate right, HVLP guns take a high volume of air. The directions for your gun will tell you the minimum cfm it needs to operate. Therefore, you need to make sure that your compressor is strong enough to create a constant pressure. In fact, you need to set your compressor for about 90 psi.

Remember to check a way to set the air pressure where it enters the gun. They make small regulators with gauges that attach to the base of your gun.

They look like this:

If you have any water or oil in your air lines, it will ruin your work. Therefore, you will need an air dryer. It’s a good idea to put one of the little disposable ones on the end of your gun; therefore you need one that mounts to the wall preferably.

The right tip

The ‘tip’ is where the fluid outs. What you’re shooting for is the smallest tip that will work right. You can find your tip size for each tech sheet for the material you are shooting. For your information, a good rule of thumb is about a 1.0 tip for doing small jobs like a single panel or small part. 1.3 or 1.4 for applying paint or clear to a whole car. You can use this guide for sealers and epoxys or etching primers. For building primers, you may need a bigger tip 1.8 to 2.3 depending on the thickness.

Spray test

It is important to set up your gun before you are going to use it. However, other external factors, such as humidity, or temperature can affect the result of your gun shoots.

Set your pressure at the gun inlet. Use your air regulator which is attached to the gun with gauge. Set it about 50 psi on the gauge to start. Close the air volume control knob and then with the trigger pulled, remember to open it to the point where the volume stays the same to set your air pressure and volume.

What you’re shooting for is a fan about 6 inches tall with the gun about 6 inches from the surface 6” at 6”. Then screw the material knob until it seats in lightly. Now unscrew it about 2 ½ turns.

Now, you are ready to put your spray gun to the test. From the spray of your gun shoot, you can see what’s wrong with your gun. The picture below will show you.


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