The Types of Sprayers

In general, you can find four basic kinds of paint sprayers. They are hand-held cup gun sprayers, airless paint sprayer, air sprayers and high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayers. Each type is designed to meet different needs of painters.  Cup gun sprayers are usually for beginners because they are easier to use and are perfect for smaller jobs. Since they create a higher quality finish, air sprayers are used for automotive work.

If you want to paint for large areas whether inside or outside, then airless sprayer is the right option for you. However, if you want to minimize the overspray resulting in a cleaner job with less waste, then high-volume low-pressure sprayer is the most effective tools for that. But, these sprayers work best for indoor projects.

Another type is the cup gun paint sprayer which is great as they are easy to operate and are reasonably priced. The price is at about a hundred dollars or less. You can find them easily at hardware and home improvements stores. These sprayers usually hold about one quart of paint making them ideal for small painting jobs around the house.

You can spray your large wall within each minute with multiple guns and hoses that spray over a gallon of paint each minute. Moreover, if you would like to work with stains and lacquers, you can buy sprays with pressure control settings. By this setting, the paint can be sprayed at fan widths from two to twenty-four inches.

Since larger airless sprayer is more expensive than an ordinary airless sprayer, so you better use them for larger projects like painting a basement, and etc. This type of sprayer works faster, about a half-gallon per minute. This makes it great for projects that need to be finished quickly.

However, you can consider using an HVLP sprayer for smooth or mirror-finish look such as trim, cabinets or some furnishings. You can also use conventional air compressor powered sprayers but they may produce too much overspray. This is why, it is important to understand different purposes of sprayers.


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