Powerful Painting Tips

Achieving best-looking and durable paint result doesn’t happen overnight. It takes lots of practice, good tools and great painting tips. If you have practiced a lot, and bought good painting tools such as Paint Spray Gun, airless spray gun or paint roller, then it is time for you to get great tips, such as follows:

First Check

Ensure that you have installed all doors and windows in position, all electrical conduits, their boxes and fixtures embedded in walls and walls finished smooth, before doing internal and external finishing work. There should be no plaster finishing marks along the conduits. Besides, you have to make sure that all plumbing and sanitary pipeline chases must have been filled and finished.

Make a good preparation by taping all the edges of switchboards and window frames. You can also place your waste clothes on the floor to prevent paint dropping on your floor. Bear in mind to cover your plan, shrubs, and your furniture or just move them to safer area from paint dropping.

Color Magic

You color choice is matter the most. It will not only affect your house outlook but it will also affect your mood. For example, pastel shades of pink, green and blue bring a soothing effect to a room while yellow and red are very attractive and make the room look warm and soothing.

To discover what color works best for you, you can visit the paint dealers and find hundreds of colors are available. Moreover, some color can also give stronger effect to your room. For instance, if you use light-colored on your walls and color, your room will look bigger. Light-color can also make your low ceiling looks higher as it will enhance visibility in the room. Oppositely, apply darker color to your ceiling will make it seems lower.

Light and Shade

After choosing the right color, you also have to consider how they look in artificial light. Usually dark colors look brighter in artificial light while light ones appear suppressed. If you are not sure about how it will look like in artificial light, you can paint a small area of wall, let it dry, then decide or you can visit a friend’s house or showrooms as shade cards don’t show you the exact idea.

Sequence it Right

How you start your painting works will save your time. Therefore, always start from the ceiling, then the walls, and finally, the door and windows.

Cost Factor

The combination of paint is cement paint for external walls, dry or oil bound distemper for internal walls, French polish or synthetic enamel of second quality for woodwork and third quality synthetic enamel of second quality for woodwork and third quality synthetic emulsion for metals is for least cost of finishing work.

To get best quality work and no cost consideration, you can combine dirt proof and weather proof 100 per cent acrylic exterior emulsion paint or heritage finish or spectrum finish for external walls, premium emulsion paint for internal walls, melamine or polyurethane finish for woodwork and first quality synthetic enamel for metallic surfaces.

Moreover, you can use textured exterior emulsion paint or semi acrylic emulsion paint or cladding for external walls, low range plastic emulsion for internal walls, low range melamine or polyurethane polish for woodwork and second quality synthetic enamel for metallic surfaces for medium cost and quality.


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