How Many Spray Guns Do You Need?

Every painter will do their utmost to produce the best paint job possible. Using a new spray gun can be the best way to achieve the most satisfying paint result. In fact, knowing how to use spray gun is the right recipe for an outstanding paint job. So, let’s start from how many spray guns do you need?

What material that you are spraying is important whether your gun is old or new. Since the advent of VOC laws, the material you spray has changed too. So, it’s even more critical to choose the spray gun based on what you’ll spray with it. In fact, some spray guns are clearly designed for some purposes. For example, there are some spray guns designed especially to spray clear coats. Some of them, even especially design for primers and other heavy-bodied materials. Many painters also provide at least three to four spray guns for primers and surfaces. The other is for basecoats and another for clear coats.

Can I use one Spray Gun?

If you cannot afford to have three spray guns, you can try the other way. You should at least have one spray gun for spraying clear coats only. There’s nothing more disconcerting than laying down a beautiful finish. Then, when you start to lay down the final coat of clear, a glob of basecoat comes out and lands right in the middle of the clear. Hence, to prevent this thing happens; you better have a dedicated clear coat gun. Of course, if you don’t clean your gun properly, you can have the same thing happens.

So, this doesn’t mean that you should have 3 spray guns to complete the tasks. In fact, you can finish the painting job with one spray gun only. For instance, you can finish it with a 1.6 nozzle setup and you can spray everything from primer to clear coat out of. However, it does take more time compared to when you have more spray guns. This is because you have to clean the gun before spraying a different material.


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