How to Paint a Stairway

Do you know that painting a stairway is different than painting the average room? In stairway painting, there are more things to consider, such as the risers, height, and hard to reach areas. Remember that there will be many areas that it is hard to attain. So, never attempt to paint areas that cannot be reached safely. This makes the need of ladder is necessary in order to extend your reach. Be sure that you will not place a ladder on unsure footing or in awkward positions. You can use brush, roller paint, or air less spray gun to finish the job.

During the prep work, try these tips

  • First thing to do is to cover the steps with the drop cloth. Use short pieces of tape to tape down the drop cloth to each step.
  • Look for any cracks and places that may need patching with a bright light.
  • Vacuum all dust and cobwebs in the high spots. Dirt will mar the painted surface if painted over.
  • Newly painted walls can make the ceiling and crown moldings look dull.
  • To cover lower trim and skirt boards, you can have some low tack tape on hand. If possible remove the handrail. It will be easier to remove the rail than to paint around it. If the handrail is removed, you need to make sure on your safety concerns.

Try These Painting Tips

  • To apply an even coat, you should roll the walls from top to bottom whenever possible. To cover large area, you can use a half inch lambswool roller or airless spray gun with wide tip size.
  • Use a fan to speed up the drying time, especially when you need to have multiple coats.
  • Since stairway walls are easy to scuff or soil, using good quality paint is helpful. An eggshell or satin finish paint may stay cleaner and be more washable.
  • Use a low tack tape to tape off the trim at sharp angles. Then, lightly burnish down the edge to prevent paint from seeping under the tape onto the moulding.

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