Tips for Painting Rooms with High Ceilings

The job of painting becomes more challenging when you have to paint building with high ceiling. But don’t you worry with several tips; those works can be finished easily. So, it is up to you whether you want to paint it with paint roller or airless spray. However, sprayer is usually more popular, especially for those who don’t have steady hands. Besides, with sprayer you can paint your wall or ceiling faster without have to worry about the uneven paint result. If you are planning to paint your house or become a painter, these tips are certainly for you.

Tip #1:

When it comes to high ceiling, you will need a ladder to help you reach the unattainable area. If you are a painter, having a ladder is a must. But if you don’t, you can borrow a ladder from your neighbor. Usually, people who work as think insurance adjustors, electricians or even painters will have one for their job. Don’t forget to bake them cookies as a thank you.

Tip #2:

Another tool that you will surely need is an extension pole. They are inexpensive and work well with your airless paint sprayer. If you have a ladder, you can opt for not using the extension pole. However, if the ceiling is super high, you can use the ladder with the extension pole. In fact, you must have this item if you want to be a painter.

Tip #3:

Whether you are planning to paint with airless spray or paint roller, remember to use only high quality paint. High quality paint is usually thicker than the cheaper one. So, it will not get splatters and drips as you move around. Moreover, you don’t have to repeat the paint over and over again. Since, one spray should be enough to cover one area of ceiling or wall.


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