What’s the Best Way to Repaint Already Painted Walls?

Bored with your old paint color? Don’t worry as you can repaint your old color. Then, change it into the new one quickly and easily with a few tricks. The information below provides you with several tips that you can follow. Don’t forget to use airless paint brush to apply your paint faster.

No Need to Prime, If…

If your previous wall color is still close with your new paint color, no need to prime your old color. Here are some things that you can do to repaint your wall:

  • Clean the wall to remove any grease.
  • Search for any holes and cracks, then fill them with suitable and flexible filler for cracks.
  • Sand and prime the filled areas – priming will seal the filler and keep it in place. To avoid any patchy look, you can sand and reprime the whole wall.
  • Repaint the wall with the same color twice. But, if your previous color is darker than the new one, you may need more than two coats. This aims to cover the previous color from showing through. In fact, if your previous paint is darker, you may need to use a primer or basic white emulsion as your first coat. This technique is a more cost-effective option than using the more expensive colored paint for all the coats.
  • Paint in full daylight so you can see the result of your work thoroughly.

A Prep Tip

If you wish to have a really nice job, give the wall a quick going-over with 200-250 grit paper before priming. Don’t forget to wipe with a damp cloth before applying any paint/primer.

Prime Time

Priming is necessary. If you have to do two coats to cover the previous color, you can choose to use good primer or primer/sealer and one coat of a good paint. This is because the primer will stick to old paint much better than new paint. If your walls is quite dirty, you may need to clean it with a damp cloth first. Use one coat of primer and one coat of paint as they have different function.

A Final Prime Time Tip

To tint it to the final color hue, you can mix some of your paint. This will give a good result, especially if you wish to have a drastic paint change.


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