Emulsion Paints

If you are looking for paint which is water-based, emulsion paints can be a good choice. Modern Emulsions are also equipped with vinyl or acrylic resins. It makes them more hard-wearing than traditional emulsions. This result in varying degrees of sheen in the finish; as the shine increases, the paint tends to be more hard wearing. The ranges usually offer matt, eggshell, silk, satin and full gloss.

Emulsion Paints is very well-known as for internal walls and ceilings. It is water based and has less smell, dries comparatively quickly and is easy to apply as. You also can choose to use brush, roller paint, or Airless Spray Gun.  Furthermore, you can find three main types used for walls and ceilings, each giving a different finish:

  • Vinyl matt
    To hide any imperfection shown on the wall or ceiling, you can choose to use Vinyl matt as it gives non-shiny finish.
  • Vinyl Satin
    To obtain a subtle soft-sheen finish and a more durable surface, you can apply vinyl satin on your wall. Especially, if your areas might need to be occasionally lightly washed or sponged.
  • Vinyl Silk
    Vinyl Silk is the most durable among all of the emulsion paints. It gives you a high sheen finish. This makes vinyl silk suitable for area with a lot of moisture, such as kitchen and bathroom.

However, there are also water based types of emulsion specially produced for woodwork and other specific jobs.

  • Primer : it is used for the surface being painted – wood, metal, plaster or tiles.
  • Undercoat : It gives the right color base for the finishing coats.
  • Anti-condensation : It is usually used in humid conditions, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Radiator paint : It will stand up to the high temperatures without discoloring as other paints are prone to do.
  • Fire-retardant : This paint contains a fire-resistant quality. They may not resist fire completely, but can reduce their spread.
  • Bituminous : Thick and usually black. Bitumen is for areas where high water resistance is needed and appearance is not important such as on the inside of metal cold water tank.

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