Tips for Cement Paint

As we know, there are many types of paint; one of them is cement paint which is water based paint. Cement paint is usually used as external walls/surfaces of the house which can also be applied on bricks. It works really best on newly concrete surface, but bad on white wash, color wash and dry distemper. You can also use any kind of painting tools, such as airless paint sprayer, paint roller, or brush to apply it.

According to Indian standard cement paint should confirm IS: 5410 of approved brand and manufacturer. ‘Snowcem’ and its variants are a popular brand. They contain white or colored Portland cement with water proofing agent accelerator and extender.


Cement paint is a highly water resistant. This makes it most suitable for worse environments. Moreover, you can apply it without primer. However, you have no chance of drying up due to its solid form.

Guidelines for Surface Preparation

  • Clean all surface from all mortar dropping, dirt, grease and other foreign matter by brushing and washing.
  • Repair patches in plaster and apply a coat of waterproof cement paint over patches after wetting the surface completely.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly by scrapping of all whitewash; if you want to apply water proof cements on existing surfaces previously treated with white wash and color wash.

Mixing Procedure

First Stage: The first stage consists of 2 parts of cement paint and one part of water stirred thoroughly and stands for 5 minutes. Be careful when adding cement paint gradually to the water.

Second Stage: The second stage comprises of adding remaining one part of water to the mixture and stirring it thoroughly to obtain uniform stability.

Bear in mind that the surface should be moist not wet when the paint is applied. Furthermore, you may need to water the surface after days’ work.


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