How to Find the Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Design of your airless paint sprayer is important as it will affect the quality of your finish. The main thing about this tool is that every design aspect has certain advantages to it. In the article below we would like to give a little review about what the tool can do.

This article will be handy, especially if you don’t have any clue about spray gun. Below are some considerations for you.

What is the mix?

Gravity feed spray guns will have either an internal or external mix. This is an indication of when the air stream hits your paint stream. Mostly sprayers will have an internal mix on it. However, you will need an external mix if you just have a small coverage area to cover.

What is the action?

In this context, action means how you’ll be using the sprayer. You have to press down for air as you pull back for paint in dual action. While in single action, you can accomplish this in one step. You can also choose a trigger action.

What is the flow?

Different spray guns will provide different flow rates. Although this tends to be minimized somewhat thanks to the gravity feed. But some models are still more effective than others.

What is the feed?

There are two types of spray gun, HVLP and standard. In fact, some kits will give you both types of feeds if you prefer.

The paint literally wants you to spray it from the tip or nozzle onto the application surface as the gravity feed brings the paint directly to your nozzle. Since it uses less air pressure to atomize your paint, it is easier to include finer details into your project with less overall paint. Only by finding the best combination in design features with the gravity feed spray gun reviews, you are able to get to work.


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