Kind of Spray Gun that Every Painter Should Know

Painting with the right paint gun will absolutely help you accomplishing your work faster. There are 4 kind of paint gun that you should know. Each paint gun is designed specifically for different purpose. If you are interested in working with airless spray gun, you may need to know several kind of paint spray guns, such as follows:

Siphon Guns

Siphon feed guns have a cup hanging under the gun body which usually one quart or liter size. It also has a vacuum that will suck the product up a tube inside the cup which they will deliver the product to the air cap to be atomized. However, since it is the largest of any type to spray a given coating, you may find it as inefficient method of product supply. In fact, the product needle-tip and air cap combinations on siphon feed guns has made the products become bigger and difficult to be carried.

It is also the reason that siphon feed guns will require slightly higher air pressure to operate properly. The reason for this is the air efficiency loss created by the need to use some air to create a vacuum for product delivery.

The main advantage that the siphon gun offers is that its slightly easier refill. In fact, this is the most used gun when it comes to paint gun.

Gravity Gun

Different from siphon guns, Gravity gun have a cup resting on top of the body and supply product by means of gravity, into the air cap below. With Gravity gun, the needle/tip and air cap combinations are smaller and it requires less air. Compared to siphon spray guns, this one is more efficient, easier to use and more comfortable to use. However, you may need to have a special stand or rack to hold sprayer for refills.

Pressure Feed Gun

If you are looking for a paint gun that is most efficient, pressure feed guns can be the right choice. There are two types of pressure gun; first is paint gun using pressure pot of various sizes, 2 quarts up to 20 gallons or more, to hold larger amounts of coating ready to be delivered to the air cap by means of fluid pressure.

Hybrid Gun

Hybrid gun is well known as the combination between a siphon cup and a pressure feed.  These guns work by diverting a portion of the inlet air to a pressurized cup attached below the gun’s body. There is only a small diverter air hose (1/4 inch diameter) involved instead of two larger hoses.


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