3 Secrets Your Contractor Will never tell you

Are you looking for a professional contractor that can make your house look sturdy and finish it perfectly by painting it with his airless spray gun? Well, I’ll tell you no matter how good he is or how pro and honest he is, he will never ever tell you about these 3 secrets, since after all your contractor is a businessman. But you better disclosure the secrets since it will serve you with more benefits. If you curious enough about the secrets, you can read the point below.

  1. He is Not The Only Game In Town

Even if you know a contractor expert in the area, it doesn’t mean that he will be the right one for your project. In fact, homeowners should collect at least three bids from three different contractors before awarding them with project. By hiring more than one contractor, you can do a lot of things, such as comparing costs, methods, and material.

What you should do: Make sure you have a basis for comparison when asking for bids and provide each contractor with the same project details.

  1. A Big Deposit is Unnecessary and Possibly Illegal

It is a common thing to pay the upfront payment before the contractor is doing the project. In fact, a deposit is usually paid after one pays a contract. Moreover, the upfront is an unnecessary, if his business is doing well and he’s in good standing with his suppliers. Besides, you need to know that every area may have different regulation related to how much money that one should pay in terms of upfront payment. For instance California maxes out deposits at 10% of the job cost, or $1000-whichever is smaller. So that, if there is something occur which causes any delay, you can postpone the payments.

  1. He’s not only Marking Up Labor, But Materials too

Most contractors usually provide you with materials you’ll need, but what you don’t know that they will definitely charge the price up to 50%, so if you want to save your money, you better handle the purchasing process by yourself. For instance, you can prepare the plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Therefore, you need to communicate it very well with your labor to make sure that the material’s amount is sufficient and also not too overwhelmed.


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