How to know if Your Old Paint Quality is Still Good

Not many people know that paint has an expiration date, since it isn’t printed on paint cans. In fact, once a paint can is opened, the paint typically will last for 2-4 years or the duration can be shorter than that, it depends on few things that can cause your paint to go bad more quickly, such as freezing, mildew and drying out.  In fact, a dry paint is really annoying since it can clot on your brush, rolling paint or clog your paint spray gun. If you are not so sure about your paint condition, you better check it through following some questions below.

Has the Paint Ever Frozen?

Your paint will begin to get chunky if it has been frozen and thawed several times. If you find any minor chunks from dying or slight freezing, you can strain your paint through an old nylon or a paint strainer from your local paint store.

Has The Paint Partially Dried Out?

Other way is to make sure that your paint is completely sealed or it begins to dry out. Some paint will begin to dry from the top of the can, so if there is a light skin on the top of the paint you can most likely remove this skin and your paint will be fine since the drier your paint the harder it can be which makes it impossible to be used as a paint.

Has The Paint Been Contaminated?

Don’t be surprised if you find growth mold and mildew in your paint which is usually caused by the contamination of mixed water and paint or other things that may harbor bacteria such as rollers, brushes, hands. To know whether your paint is contaminated by bacteria or not is to smell it. A good paint will have a good odor, and if it stinks it is time to dispose it.

Has the Paint Separated?

A separated paint can still be used and is completely normal as long as there is no solid film on the bottom that cannot be mixed back into the paint. Remember to stirring your paint to make it a better paste and also you need to make sure that you always keep your paint in a proper storage where the temperatures do not drop below 50.


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