5 Things to Do Before Preparing a Room for Painting with a Sprayer

Painting your house with an airless spray is an interesting thing, since you can finish painting quickly and efficiently compare to painting with rolling paint or painting with brush. However, there are several things that you should notice when it comes to painting with a sprayer, such as below:

  • Protect Furniture and Fixtures from Paint Splatter

Relocate small furniture and items out from the room or you can place all your furniture in the center of the room, and then cover them all with plastic. Remove as many stuff from the room as you can, this includes all hanging things on the wall. Remove and store light switch and outlet plates and cover the switches and outlets with painters or masking tape. Another way is to cover blinds, light fixtures and ceiling fans well with plastic.

  • Cover Trim and Floors

Cover your trim, doors and windows with plastic taped. Create a crisp line between the trim and wall by running a putty knife along the edge of the tape where it meets the wall. Don’t forget to cover the floor with plastic to prevent spilled paint on the floor and tape it down at the edges of the room so that it overlaps the paper on the baseboard molding. Overlap sheets of plastic across the middle of the floor if necessary.

  • Address the Ceiling

Your project will determine how you treat your ceiling. If you are planning to paint it the same color with the wall color, you don’t need to cover it up, since you can paint the ceiling directly after you paint the wall. Oppositely, if you are not planning to paint the ceiling with the same color with ceiling, you need to climb a ladder and mask off the edges with tape and paper, then cover the ceiling’s interior sections with paper or plastic secured by tape.

  • Repair the Walls

Figure out if there are any holes, dents, or cracks in your wall, if you find out any imperfections you can circle them with a pencil and do the repairmen before start painting or you can use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface.

  • Clean the Walls

Clean the wall by using any vacuum to remove any dust from sanding. Or if your walls are relatively clean, you only need to wipe them with a sponge and a solution of mild soap and water. If you have accumulated years of grease and grime, you can clean them with a tri-sodium phosphate or a specially designed pre-paint cleaner. Wipe on the cleaner in a circular motion working from the bottom of the wall up.


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