How to Get Already-Dried Paint Off a Paint Roller

A paint roller is a worth to have since it’s a simply and cheap stuff that can help your painting done. If you find that your paint roller is covered with dried, caked on paint it will surely hamper your next project. But don’t worry, you can use airless spray or simply read the instructions below as we provide you with simple ways to get rid of it and make your old paint roller works again.

Step 1 – Know Your Paint

Figure out if there is any dried paint in your properties. Different cleaning methods will require different paints; therefore you need to consult with the manufactured in order to figure out the best paint for your need.

In fact, several paints will require special treatment when it comes to the cleanup and removal of used paint, such as alkyd paint. Since alkyd paints are considered hazardous therefore, you need to consider disposing it via hazardous waste collection.

Step 2 – Disassemble

Some rollers can be disjoined which is good for you, since the absorbent, paint-soaked roller will obviously need special attention and a different cleaning method than the plastic, wood, or metal pieces that make up the handle.

Step 3 – Soak the Roller

Sink your dried paint off roller in soap and water for approximately a half hour, this simple method will remove your dried paint off easily. Use a towel to roll it out a few times once it has soaked.

Step 4 – Let it Dry

Another important point is to dry the paint roller after all the paint is gone since you wouldn’t want to save the tool for reuse only to roll mold out onto your walls the next time you paint.

Step 5 – Paint Thinner

Remember to move outdoor or let your windows or door open when using paint thinner since the smell is strong and can be dangerous if you inhale it for too long. Use a little bit of paint thinner on a paper plate or even a rag and cover the roller with it. Then let it dry thoroughly.

Step 6 – Keep them clean

After cleaning the paint roller, you need to make sure that you keep the roller neatly and cleanly. For future usage, remember to clean off the brushes or soak them immediately after using it to avoid the dried, caked on paint.


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