3 Tips for Hiring the Best Contractor

You can find a lot of contractors to help you renovate your home but finding a good one will be another task for you. A good contractor will be the one who delivers quality work on time and on budget. This is not about how modern their tools are, but this is all about skills, for example, one contractor may have a good airless spray gun to do the painting work quickly, while the other may not. This is what many homeowners fall for; they usually focus on their enthusiastic with the first person they interview and forget about the job they have in front of them. If you happen to face this situation, you can read below tips for hiring the best contractor.

  1. Trust Your Instinct

Always remember to interview many contractors rather than one contractor, do it until you find the right one although it may require you more effort and time. But, you have to keep going until you’re 100 percent happy. In fact, finding the right contractor is like dating, you need to know the person, mainly about his experience, life history, and specialties. If you feel something wrong with the person related with those questions, you better trust your instinct.

  1. Don’t Part with too Much Money at One Time

The other important thing is to never pay all the cost all at once upfront. The unwritten rule that you should know is that you should put no more than 10 percent down to book the job. Follow up in 10 percent increments as the contractor meets certain preset milestones on the project. Moreover, you can also set the schedule of the final payment about 15 percent of the total for 30 to 45 days after the job is complete.

  1. Determine the Contractor’s Specialty

Mostly people assume that all contractors can do the same things to all types of houses while the fact is that almost every contractor has their own specialty, for instance, a contractor may be better to do a renovation rather than a new-home-builder and it is your job to figure out their specialty that match your need.


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