3 Common Bedroom Design Mistakes-and How to Fix Them

Having a neat bedroom will surely increase your feeling towards your room. Besides, it will make you wake up happier every morning. If you haven’t got the right ambience for your bedroom, you can change your bedroom outlook only with changing these small things and fix some mistakes which make your bedroom looks uninteresting.

  1. Your Bed is Unmade and Under-Dressed

The simplest way to make your room looks better dressed is by building a five minute habit to make your bed. This not only makes your room look more together but also establish a healthy routine. Moreover, you need to make sure that you put your top sheet, something that you may dismiss before. Top sheet will make your bed looks tidier.

  1. The walls are a boring shade of white

Transitioning your room into adulthood doesn’t mean that everything should go boring. Instead, you can show off your creativity with an accent wall, patterned wallpaper or even layered paint or paint a more sophisticated palette, such as a blue coat which study has proven that blue coat can help people wake up happier. So, choose your favorite color that will bring positive ambience towards your bedroom and don’t forget to choose a paint tool wisely, the best suggestion is to paint it with airless spray gun to produce a smoother and quicker result on your wall.

  1. Locate Your Bed in the Wrong Spot

The best spot for your bed in order to make it looks more adult is by locating the headboard against the door wall. In fact, it can be disorienting to walk into a bedroom in which the headboard is on the same wall as the door. Besides, you can get a bed frame, like a simple metal frame, high-quality box spring or wooden frame to make your bed look more adult.


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