The top 4 Great Color Combinations for your Room

Finding the right color can be confusing, especially finding the right match for one color and another. In this article we will help to guide you in figuring the right color combination for your room that will match your need and character and avoid you from any color combination mistakes. Don’t forget to use airless spray gun to get a smooth and quick result on your wall rather than apply the paint with paint brush which will surely take longer time. Here are the 5 color combinations which are worth to try.

Gray and Mahogany

If you would like to have ocean and sky ambience in your home, you can choose gray with mahogany combinations as an unexpected choice in a library. Don’t worry that it will look like baby blue since it tends to look like gray rather than blue. Since gray brings on the sky and ocean element to your room, another color that will match it perfectly is brown-like earth against the sky.

Aubergine and Gray-Green

Are you wondering what kind of color that will make your room feels a bit deeper? The answer is Aubergine since it’s expansive and tonally rich then you can mix it with an equally provocative trim color like citron gray-green which will be perfect for a study, a library, or powder room.

Soft Green and Soft Brown

As these colors are the most natural combination, they certainly will work so well together, just like the green leaves and brown bark of a tree which will adds the sense of peace to your room. In fact, this color is preferable to be used in a more intimate room where you can read or listen to music.

Soft Blue and Soft Green

Nothing is better than having washed-out blue walls, surrounded by the most heavenly shade of green for the trim in order to bring a vintage ambience to your room which will remain you of the changing colors of the ocean on a sunny day. You can locate a splash of cobalt and a dash of dusty pink furniture or stuff into your room to make all the colors blend beautifully.


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