Cleaning Airless Paint Tips & Sprayers

It seems the sprayer tip is the hardest part to be unplugged, no matter how clean you think your paint or coating is. In this article we are going to present a how to clean your sprayer since for some people cleaning airless spray gun may be troublesome, so we hope that this article will help cleaning process becomes more interesting rather than annoying job.

As usual to unplug a sprayer tip, you can twist the tip (in the housing or base) to the left or to the right in order to trigger the gun and spray the clog out. Then, make sure the tip is completely reversed when doing so and due to each piece of equipment is different, you can read the instruction manual on how to unclog a tip. Keep a pail handy for spraying the clog into. In fact, a sprayer which has a piece of debris lodged inside the gun can cause the operator many hours of frustration.

Spraying Instructions

First thing to do is to start moving the gun across your test material, then pull the trigger. Then, always remember keep the space between gun and your material six to twelve inches away. Drop down and overlap the next pass by half of the first. Keep spraying in a strait even pattern.

Airless Paint Sprayers Overview

The most important thing in spray job is to know what type of surface is being sprayed, understanding how to use the equipment and being familiar with the material being applied. Therefore, asking yourself on what type of surface is this will help you know how the surface be sprayed. Also, you need to make sure that your sprayer tip will work best with the material being sprayed and the spray machine’s pressure knob adjustment correctly.



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