3 Ways to Double Your Money in Less Than a Year

Some people think for having more jobs in order to gain their income, but simply having more job will not make you a millionaire but smart investing will certainly do, especially if you want to double it within a short time. Consider to have an investment whatever the types are, for example, income fund, mutual fund and etc. become important.

Smart investing

In investing, the first thing to understand is the difference between liability and asset. In a simple way, liabilities are things that we buy which its value will decrease as time goes by, for example are your car and gadget. While asset are things that you buy which its value will increase as time goes by, for example property, gold, and etc. This is the basic knowledge that will help you choose to invest your money at the right thing. In fact, a wrong concept between asset and liability is the primary reason why so many of us are failed to accumulate the wealth.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds is the best choice for those that are less experienced with stocks since buyers are not actually demanded to understand any difficult purchase decisions since all things are handle by managers. Mutual funds are simply a combination of both stocks and bonds which work like you add your money to a pool of money from other investors and hiring a manager to invest this money. One example of a mutual fund is a fixed income fund. This is where a fund manager will aim to provide the highest possible return with the lowest possible risk.

Property Investments

One of the most popular ways to double your money quickly is through having property investments, purchasing a property that is priced below average for the area or neighborhood and reselling it in a good price will give you some serious money. Even though it may be quite risky when the economy is down, but you can still choose for having smaller properties which tend to stay in demand and relatively easy to be sold.


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