Painting Rules : Dos and Don’ts

Even though some people think that painting is painful, but actually painting can be easy if you know how to manage it, below are simples guides that can help you paint beautifully and efficiently either with brush or rolling paint. If you want to have a faster result from your painting you can choose spray gun as your painting tool.

  • Dos
  1. Instead of buying a large quantity of paint, it will be better if you buy a quart first in case you are not committed to the color. Paint a piece of foam board and move it around the room to see how the light affects the color.
  2. If you are going to change color to an extreme one, you need to prime the walls first before applying the next one. For instance, if the walls are light yellow and you want to paint it with bright red, you need to paint it first with a primer tinted to match your intended coat to make sure you get the exact color that you want.
  3. Keep a stash of paint for touch-ups in a small plastic cup or glass jar, like margarine containers or baby food jars. Be sure to label each container with the color and brand name.
  4. Estimate when you will finish the job; allow at least 24 hours drying before putting everything back to the room.
  • Don’ts
  1. Don’t pour the paint from the can until you notch holes into the paint can rim. Simply hammer holes around the metal rim with a nail to create holes for the paint to drip back down into the can.
  2. Never paint over wallpaper, in fact, you need to remove it first before streaming or priming it. If it’s old and not coming off, remove the loose pieces.
  3. Don’t close all ventilation whenever you are painting, since you need to have a proper amount of fresh air to breath.
  4. Don’t put off cleaning your brush and rollers if you will use them again.

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