Leak Detection and How It Works

There are many tools that can help you to manage your household better, one of them is airless spray gun, but this time, we are going to inform you about leak detection. For some people, leak detector may sound new in their ear, but this thing may come in handy whenever you need them, especially if you are a technician who usually works with machine, leak detector will be so much helpful to figure out if there is any oil, fuel, or water leaks in your machine, so you can prevent any maintenance and diagnostics of breakdown which as a result will reduce any downtime and operation costs.

Leak is one of the most common problems that occur in almost every vehicle. It is often virtually impossible to be seen until they cause in expensive vehicle failure. Leak have different frequencies made by the type of leak whether coming from pipes that are under greater pressure or from pipes that are under lower pressure and from the contents of these pipes.

It’s a simple fact: circulate refrigerant, oil, coolant, fuel, hydraulic fluid or automatic transmission fluid and sooner or later leaks will develop. By using leak detection, you will change that. It will help you identify and locate the smallest and most elusive leaks, including intermittent and simultaneous multiple leaks that would otherwise be missed.

In fact, there are many types of leak detector but the most common types are manual leak detector and electronic leak detector. Manual leak detector works without machine while the electronic leak detector is equipped with a transducer that is sensitive to sounds coming from a system of pipes. If a sound registers on the machine, it is transmitted to the security system at a higher frequency. The amplified leak is then detected and can be attended to immediately following detection.


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