How to protect and maintain your Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Having a good looking house is not merely about decoration but also about a good maintenance. Mostly, we only concern about wall, whether changing the wall color with brush or airless spray gun or covering it with wallpaper. However, not many people put attention on flooring. This time, we will review about some simple ways in maintaining your floor so that it will look better than before.

Protect your investment from moisture damage

Mostly after flooding incidents as large amounts of liquid being spilled on their hardwood floors, many houses will experience moisture damage on their floors. Therefore, dry up your floor immediately is the best way, in fact, moisture damage can stem from spills, but also climatic changes in the humidity levels in your home in the summer time. To avoid this you can make sure that you keep your air conditioner at a reasonable level and humidity control throughout the season. However, remember that in the wintertime the air is dryer which causes the opposite affect and cause wood to pull apart at seams of planks.

Keep it looks shiny

You can find a lot of tips and theories about how to care for your hardwood flooring; it ranges from wood soaps and cleaners to waxes that you will be suitable for your need. However, we suggest you to use water and vinegar, spray it on the sponge mop to clean your floors effectively without stripping it. For shinny looks, you can follow many expert suggestions for using natural products such as olive oil instead of wax-based cleaners.

Protecting it from any harmful activities

It is important to protect your floors from getting scratched by using cloth furniture protectors under the feet or legs of your tables, chairs, and heavy furniture. Also consider to avoid having any sharp footwear such as high heels and shoes that can scuff and scratch the floor.


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