How to Decorate with Black and White

Have you ever got confused in finding ideas for your home? You can try using contrast color as your new inspiration, for instance, you can paint black and white which will bring a good ambience in your home. On one side, it seems classic but on the other hand it also full of energy. Black and white is a classic color combination that has been around interior design world probably since the interior design world was born. There is a method, however, to creating a successful and inviting black and white space. It requires balance and thought and strategy to make the interior shine. Remember to paint it smoothly with brush or airless spray gun for quicker result. Below are some inspirations for black and white color painting for your home.

  • Bold Bedroom

Using bold horizontal stripes in the guest room will bring a playful and modern atmosphere. If you like to have a playful and modern atmosphere having a black and white strips can help you bring that ambience.

  • Bathroom Stripes

Another room that will be suitable for stripes is bathroom; according to designer Stephen Shubel painted the walls of the master bath in bold black-and-white stripes which will bring classical side of your bathroom. In fact, if it is done in correct proportion to the space, give the space a cheerful yet structured sense of energy. The classic pattern and color combination are so chic.

  • Black Furniture and Accessories

Make this warm grey-walled living room ooze with sophistication and class. It’s an excellent contrast to the thick white crown molding as well, on two different visual planes.

  • Keep Walls Black

This is an inherent concept anyway, and your decorating emphasis on lighting that aligns with how mother-nature things will help your space go far.

  • Patterns of Black and White

A black and white pattern is fairly busy and thus benefits from the careful use of blocked black and white elsewhere in the curtain and rug.


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