Principle and Technology of “Ecofilters” Filter

After reviewing about airless spray gun, this time we are going to discuss about Eco filters. In case, you know nothing at all about this filter, you can read on the review below to get more detail information and specification about it.

Eco filter Definition

The CL onscreen display acts as a reminder that the air filters need maintenance or cleaning. Keeping air filters clean and in good condition, helps in proper and efficient operation of the air conditioner.


Straining is not exclusively the interception of particles in an air stream with a succession of wider to smaller meshed apertures.

The “ECOFILTERS” filters use another principle: INERTIA SEPARATION


The paint laden air flow (overspray) suffers several radical changes in direction. The paint particles, heavier than air, are ejected out of the air stream.


  1. No Migration

When the paint particle is deposited in the holding pocket it remains in a dead end, away from the air stream, and cannot migrate.

  1. High Loading Capacity

During the life of the “ECOFILTERS” filter, static pressure remains constant although the filter is loading up with paint. The ‘ECOFILTERS” filters will only clog when totally loaded. As opposed to the “ECOFILTERS” filters, a mesh filter will quickly face load and long.


.3. Stability of the Air Flow

This graphic compares the air flow velocity and the filter loading at a constant fan power. The “ECOFILTERS” filter has a longer and flatter curve than the mesh filter. This demonstrates the holding capacity and the more stable resistance to air flow during the life of the filter.





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