Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value Under $400-$750

Renovating a house can help increasing its value, so if you have any idea about selling or renting your house in the future, renovating your house can be a great idea. If you think that renovate a house can be costly well you might be wrong, as you can have a renovation only for $100 and you can figure it how by reading our previous articles. But if you have more money for renovating a house, we suggest you to do it, since the more money that you invest in your house, the more value your house will get. Below are several tips that you can try if you have budget range from $400 to $750.

Tip 1: Big Return on Bathroom Updates

One of the great ways to update under $750 is to update your bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms only need small work  which cause one cost –effective-change like replacing an outdated vanity, old plumbing, lighting fixtures, adding a new tile floor, or spraying a new wall color with an airless spray gun will update your room looks into a more modern and bring a lot of bang for your buck.

Tip 2: Any kitchen Update Equals Added Value

Another room that can be renovated reasonably is kitchen. In fact, kitchen is the key for maximizing your home’s value. You can start by swapping out just one item, such as an old microwave or dirty sink for shinny looking. Believe it or not that a small kitchen updates can cause big value to your home.

Tips 3: Replace Worn Carpets or Rugs

Don’t look down on the importance of having a clean and neat carpet, since nothing turns buyers off more than the thought that they will immediately need to replace all of the flooring in a home. If you can’t change the entire carpet in your home all at once because of a limited budget, you can start with replacing the most wear out one.

Tip 4: Keep up with regular maintenance and repairs

Make a list of all the little things that are broken or in need of repair, a small broken things may not be a problem, but if there are a bunch of small broken things are found scattered all over your house, it will create an impression that your home has been neglected. You can have a handyman to tackling the repairs.

Tip 5: Getting More Organized

Having more organized rooms will make your house looks more attractive to homebuyers which cause the increment of house’s value. If you cannot organize it by yourself, you can hire a professional organizer for a day. They will show you how to organize various rooms in your home and teach you tricks for keeping it organized.


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