How to Decorate Your Home Smart and Slow

Decorating your home doesn’t mean that it should be done overnight. In fact, for many of us, slow down the process will keep our budget stays well. In fact, you can do mini project step by step which don’t disrupt your home coziness, such as spray painting your furniture with airless spray which will produce you a smoother result. Beside, doing slow decoration will give you lots of time to think twice and decide something better rather than decide something in a rush. Below are some guides that you can learn for if you are interested to decorate your house smart and slow.

Tap into What You Love

Figure out your personal taste and decide what kind of style your house is going to be your first step, since it will cut down any decorating mishaps and buyer’s remorse. So, you better devote your energy to exploring what you love before starting the work.

Avoid getting tempted to Buy Cheap Furniture

Even though cheap furniture may look nice and affordable to be purchased, but you better think twice to own it since cheaply made stuff will fall apart, sometimes even within a year which is in the long run you will end up spending more money on a replacement. Therefore, to avoid this temptation, you can try sourcing it for free, borrowing from a friend or relative, or purchasing a stand-in piece used until you can afford what love the most.

Learn New Skills and Get Creative

Learn how to craft things by your hand will produce you with some advantages in home decoration. In fact, with basic sewing skills, you can cover your chairs and sofa with new cushion which is cheaper rather than buying the new one. If you feel not comfortable with sewing you can try to do painting, painting a piece of furniture can be an interesting project even for a newbie.

Do the Intelligent Splurge

Being splurge is okay only if you intend to purchase high-quality pieces you love that suit your personality since it surely will elevate your feeling and uplift your entire space. Moreover, well—made furniture will last longer and value better than the cheap stuff.


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