5 Tips to Space-Saving your Small Home Office

Creating a small space looks bigger will require extra effort and creativity in it. For some people just paint it with light paint by using airless spray is already enough to help the rooms look bigger, while some other people utilize extra creativity to add extra space for their room. If you are curious about how to make your room looks much bigger, especially for your small home office, you can follow the ideas as below:

Rollout Desktop

Since your space is limited, a rollout desktop will be a great solution to provide your work room with more space anytime you need it. This traditional built in desk has plenty of knee room for the everyday user, however the far cabinet make an extra countertop for larger projects, in fact, it can provide more space for two people.

Low Shelving

Another smart idea to optimize your room is by utilizing low shelving in your home office. So, keep in mind to extend your low shelving below your desk. Recessed shelves allow you to store document and paperwork that might not be needed every day.

Dual-Purpose Monitor

Having a double-duty flat screen in your home office will make you have one electronic for two purposes, watch TV one minute and work on a spreadsheet the next. For this purpose, you should build it into the wall at eye level, so the screen will fit your eyes for both a computer monitor and TV.

On the Wall

Creating a desk that is integrated into the wall can help desk areas stay clean and functional. You can also put a horizontal hanging rod to store pencils, pens and other small items that are still easy to be reached. Moreover, don’t forget to apply a light paint in your wall desk so that it will free up precious surface area.

Pull-Out Desk Drawer

Nothing can be better, rather than having a pull-out desk drawer in your small home office. This application can be used for twofold. When it is not in use, everything can stay on top of the drawer in the same spot when you push it back.


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