3 Secrets to Doubling Your Money Every 3 Years

Every investor realizes that they should make their money work harder for them, but only few of them that truly understand how to make their money work better. Some people think that finding the right investment instrument is the solution, but the fact is possessing best investment instrument is not enough, you have to understand the other ways to leverage your money, so that it will lay higher return in the end of the day. Below are several secret that you should know.

Secret No.1: Don’t Spend too Much Time Planning

If you are too scared to do something spontaneously, you will never know the hidden problems and challenges you will face. So, just entering the market and you will figure it out. In fact, most successful new business end up following practices that is different than anticipated. Business that is brave to do without too much planning will save more time and money of making planning scheme, so just go for it. Thus who can adapt will appear as the winner.

Secret No.2: Go For the Quick Cash First

Oppositely to what many business books tell you, mostly successful entrepreneurs confess that they usually take the fastest route to cash when opening new business. This is because their primary effort is to bring in the cash. The only thing that should be concerned by every business is the lack of money. Ironically, limited capital usually means a quicker and stronger cash flow.

Secret No.3: Forget about the Crack Team; You are it

A great business does not always need experts to run their business, in fact, they often figure out the success recipe by themselves. So, rely on nobody whenever you create new product or project work to make sure that you get it right and authentic. Even though it may cause you stressful and time-consuming to do a lot of extra work but it is worth it in the long run. Beside, as you deeply involve on it, you will understand the project in a detailed and extremely more valuable way.


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