4 Steps to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home

Having mold in your wall will cause you paint in neck, as it will be difficult to get rid of them once they occur, even repainting it with airless spray cannot help you since it surely will be visible. Moreover, in long term molds can destruct your wall, so you better prevent its existence rather than fix it after it appears. Below are several ways that you can conduct to avoid mold.

  1. Avoid Having any Water Leaks

Mend water leaks in your roof, windows, or any other part of the home as soon as possible. It will require 24-48 hours for molds finally begin to grow. So, if you have any puddles of water caused by water leak, you better fix and clean it before 24 hours or you will run the risk of mold starting to grow.

  1. Avoid Mold from Preventing Moisture

Another way to avoid mold is to eliminate excessive moisture by using area rugs or washable floor surfaces rather than wall to wall carpeting. Don’t forget to launder your rugs periodically if you use any rugs. Moreover, do not store materials such as paper, books, clothes, or other possible sources of food for mold in humid parts of your home.

  1. Sunlight to Prevent Mold

Since mold loves dark spaces indoors to grow in, you should open the curtains in your rooms during the day to let the natural light in. The light will warm the environment and prevent mold to grow.

  1. Prevent Mold by Reducing Humidity

Humidity is the highest factor that can cause many species grows, one of them is mold. In fact, the humidity only needs to be higher than 55% before some molds can begin to grow. So, the best way to keep humidity low in your home is through ventilation.

Therefore, you need to open the windows during the day, especially if it is hot out there and close the window when it is raining. Moreover, air conditioner can also cause humidity to household, so to reduce the risk; you can use dehumidifiers in your home.

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