5 Common Mistakes Created When Painting Furniture

Painting your furniture may be a smart and creative idea that can be done by yourself. Besides it is economical, painting furniture can bring pleasure to the painter, especially if the result is satisfying. So, whatever the tools are, whether it is airless spray or brush makes sure that the tools will not obstruct your effort to gain a wonderful result. Here are several common mistakes that you can learn for to prevent the bad result happens.

  1. Skip cleaning the Furniture Thoroughly before Priming or Painting

It there is substance in furniture such as dust or oil, you better clean it off before applying the next coat. This substance will cause the paint easily to peel or chip away instead of sticking to the piece, so that you will need to work on it again, such as sand and repaint the piece in order to fix it back. Therefore, you can clean it with cloth before running your hands along it to make sure it is already clean.

  1. Neglecting the use of Primer

Primer will make the paint sticks on your furniture longer, in fact, in certain surfaces, paint without primer will easily peel right off the piece later. Then it will make you repeat your work.

  1. Intentionally or Unintentionally Forget to Fill Holes & Cracks

It is a truth well-known by every professional painters that sometimes small dings and cracks is not visible but once it gets painted, they will show up flagrantly. Therefore, search for any possibilities that there will be any cracks that will appear. In addition, you can use a flashlight to see if there are any holes or cracks. If you find it, fill it up before painting.

  1. Using a Cheap Brush

Avoid using a cheap paint brush on your painting, as cheap paint brushes show brush marks easily and they don’t look good. In fact, it makes the furniture looks cheap and having a low quality paint job.

  1. Choose A Color without Thinking Twice

You may think that you totally love bright yellow to be applied on the piece, but when you are done, you realize that the color doesn’t match with the color of your wall or even with other furniture surround the room. You may regret it, so you better consider other conditions instead of merely applying your favorite color on it without thinking twice. In the end having a harmonious color will calm your eyes.


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