Simple Techniques to Spray Painting A Metal

There are many elements in your home that use metals, if you want to change the metal color, there are plenty of ways to do it, in fact it is actually quite easy to done it correctly as you do not need to aware with the previous color. You can use paint brush or air spray gun to apply the paint on the metal. Here are several ways to conduct it.

  1. Read the labels

To avoid getting irrelevant result, make sure primer and your coat of paint are compatible. Moreover, you need to prepare for the dry time, to make sure you don’t put more primer that cannot dry quickly. After all, planning your work is the importance thing when painting.

  1. Clean off all loose

Clean your object before painting from any dirt and dust. It is necessary to brush your metal object with a wire brush before spray painting to remove old paint or flakes of rust. This will make the paint job becomes flawless and smooth.

  1. Sand Down your metal and Primer it

Primer your metal and sand down it is aimed to make an even longer-lasting and more durable paint job. The rougher your metal, the more it will stick to the surface. Moreover, primer it will prevent the object from the effects of oxidization.

  1. Protect yourself before spray painting

Cover yourself with gloves and a mask before spray painting to avoid the splashes of excessive paint on your hands and hazardous fumes in the air.

  1. Apply the paint

You can use Acrylic latex as it is usually the best choice for metal. Moreover, if you wish to have a long lasting result, do not consider using a cheap metal paint as it will easily rub off your paint and make you repeating the work in the future.


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