5 Steps to Wallpaper a Ceiling

5 Steps to Wallpaper a Ceiling

Wonder how to create a unique look for your room? Well, you can try painting different color with air spray gun for quick result, or wallpaper it. Applying wallpaper for your wall is not a new thing, but recently wallpaper you ceiling is quite popular. Wallpaper the ceiling and wall will create a unique look for your room.  So, if you are interested to wallpaper your ceiling, you better find out several ways to make it right.

  1. Prepare the ceiling

Before wallpaper your ceiling, you need to clean it first by detaching the wires and removing leftover paint. Moreover, if you find areas which are not equal, you need to sand the areas.

  1. Pick out the right type of wallpaper to apply

A good type of wallpaper should neither too heavy not too light.  As heavy wallpaper can be a problem because it is difficult to maneuver above you, while too light has a higher risk to be torn when attempting it to the ceiling.

  1. Don’t forget to create a wallpaper blueprint on the ceiling

Mark with a pencil the width of each section of wallpaper minus 2 inches (5.08 cm).

  1. Cut the wallpaper

If the room you are wallpapering is not a perfect square or rectangle, you will need to take additional measurements. Therefore, measure the length of your ceiling and add 3 inches (7.62 cm) to each end.

  1. Apply the Paper

This activity will require at least 2 people, a person who will apply the wallpaper, and his/her partner who should be standing on the ground holding the bulk of the pleated wallpaper. He or she will hand out the paper as you apply.

So, you better start from the corner by facing the wall. Locate the edge of the paper into that corner and draw the other end up with your marks from earlier. Remember to leave a few inches of length for trimming.

  1. Flatten out the wallpaper by using a brush, once the end is secure.

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