5 Steps to Wallpaper your Room

There are many ways to spice your room, having a well painted room is one of them, but some people may prefer to wallpaper their room rather than painting it, even though wallpaper may take more effort rather than painting it with air spray gun for faster result, but wallpapering can give more motif to your wall that painting cannot do. If you are one of them, you may need to read a little review relating to the ways of wallpapering your room.

  1. Measure the Room Height and Length

Before deciding to wallpaper your room, you need to calculate on how much wallpaper that you’ll need. If your walls are square, you can add the lengths of the wall together, then multiply this number by the height of the walls to calculate the total area. Moreover, remember to buy extra wallpaper because you will match the patterns on the wall than the actual area.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Pattern for the Room

If you want to purchase wallpaper with a distinctive pattern, consider the pattern so that it will match up and avoid clashing. Patterned wallpaper will make the room seem larger. In fact, you can make your room even looks bigger or taller through the pattern of wallpaper, for example, horizontal patterns make the room seem wider and vertical pattern will make the ceiling seem higher.

  1. Clean the Walls Thoroughly

Remove any electricity cable and start cleaning the walls with a regular household cleaner and letting it dry thoroughly to get rid any mildew because having any mildew before hanging wallpaper will cause it to spread.

  1. Draw Guidelines on the Wall

After having a clean wall, now you are ready to do the stuff. But, before wallpapering the wall, measure the distance that’s 2 inches (5.08 cm) shorter than the width of the paper on the wall next to the doorway. Use a pencil to mark the spot, and then apply a carpenter’s level and pencil to draw a vertical line from the ceiling to the floor bisecting your mark. This line can be used as a starting point when hanging wallpaper.

  1. Hanging the Wallpaper

Hang the wallpaper by flattening the paper with a wallpaper brush. It is important to be remembered that you need to eliminate wrinkles from the hanging wallpaper, because it can make your wall looks uneven and bubbly. Therefore, smooth the paper from the middle out by using enough pressure to force the bubbles out through the edges.


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