3 Healthy Financial Habits for 2016 that Every Successful Investor Does

Like the old saying that success comes to those who invest in themselves. This also works the same in investment. People who invest successfully understand that they should build healthy financial habits in order to achieve high return on investment. If you are one of the people who are wondering how some people can be a money magnet, you should read the points below.

  1. Regularly Review Finances

At least once a year, check all of your investment statements together. This is intended to figure out if you already get your desired return or not. You also need to discover on how much fees and taxes are cut into that return. How much money do you have in low interest cash accounts? Are you properly diversified across asset classes, markets and industries? Think about whether you need to invest more money or make changes to your holdings to meet your goals.

  1. Spend time to get informed

According to Larry Fink, BlackRock Chief Executive, every investor should hit the books and be “students of the market”. This includes keeping up to date with financial news and finding independent information about what is happening in the U.S and global economics. To complete your information, you can follow some blogs that may provide you with the newest trends of investment, one of them that you can use as you references are our blog.

  1. Seek Financial Advice

Good advice can help you achieving your success easily. A successful investor really understands this situation. Therefore, successful investors will seek a lot of good advices. In fact, our Global Investor Pulse Survey found 81% of winning investors value professional advice, and 72% are most likely to consult a financial advisor. Moreover, for some people, hiring personal advisor will cost lots of money; therefore many people will love to consider some of the digital advice tools or online resources. These tools are designed to help you determine the best investment based upon your personal lifestyle and goals.


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