How to Use a Paint Roller Professionally

Having a smooth painting result is every painter and house owner dreams. The common method that everyone usually uses is to paint with a paint roller. If you would like to use this kind of equipment you better learn how to work this thing out, as working with roller will also require good patience beside a good skill. However, you can also use an air spray gun as your alternative if you are not good with patience or if you want to achieve a faster and good result. Here are several ways of using a paint roller.

  1. Purchase professional-quality equipment that can last a lifetime.

This equipment will save your money in the long run, all-in-one roller setups. You can begin with buying a good roller pin, then extended pole onto the end of the roller, a good roller cover even though you may find that it is tempting to buy the cheapest cover but we suggest you to buy a good one for get a good result.

  1. Get a brush paint to help reaching the corner and edges side easily.

Since rollers can’t get tight to edges, the first painting step is to brush along the ceiling, inside corners and moldings.

  1. Lay the Paint on the Wall with a Sweeping Stroke.

Start about a foot from the bottom and 6 inch (15.2 cm) from the corner and roll upward at a slight using light pressure. Stop a few inches from the ceiling. Now roll up and down back toward the corner to quickly spread the paint. You can leave paint buildup and roller marks at this step. Don’t worry about a perfect job yet.

  1. Reload the roller and repeat the process in the adjacent space, working back toward the painted area.

It’s important to be remembered that you need to keep the paint wet before applying applied paint onto paint. This means you need to work fast enough, if you stop for a break in the middle of work and continue your work after this section has dried; the result will be bad as it will leave marks where the two areas join.

  1. Abrade the sticky paint from roller before you wash it.

Remove all the paint from your roller by using a putty knife or better yet, a special roller scraping tool with a semicircular cutout in the blade. A painter’s “5-in-1 tool” is ideal for this task.

  1. Use Detergent to rinse it.

Soap the roller and clean the mat with your fingers or washing brush. The detergent will pull a lot of the paint residue out of the mat and make the cleaning process easier.

  1. Rinse the Roller Cover until the Water Runs Clear.

To simplify the cleansing task, you can purchase a roller and paint brush spinning tool which is available at hardware and paint stores. Just slip the roller cover onto the spinner and repeatedly wet and spin out the roller into an empty bucket until it’s clean.


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