5 Tips for Spray Painting Your Wood Furniture

Many painters will choose to use spray paint to achieve a smooth result on wood furniture. There are two kinds of spray paint that you can choose according to your need, airless spray gun or air spray gun. However, to achieve a good result, we recommend air less spray gun rather than air spray gun, as airless spray gun will produce a smoother result. However, getting the best result does not merely depend on the painting tools only, the right methods or techniques will also affect the result. Therefore here are several tips that you need to know in order to obtain a smooth result of spray painting.

  1. Choose Appropriate Furniture

Avoid upholstery, when you spray paint your wood furniture. Moreover, if you are painting outdoor furniture, you need to choose paint with a high degree of moisture resistance and sun protection. If you do not want to damage the antique furniture value, then you need to avoid painting it.

  1. Clean Thoroughly without Wetting the Furniture

Clean your furniture from dust or any other dirt. Use a soft cloth for this purpose. Remember to avoid using water because it will penetrate the wood and cause damage. Therefore, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area smoothly.

Air from a compressor can be used to blow off the dust. Aerosol cans of pressurized air are sold at computer and hobby shops.

  1. Practice on a Scrap Object First

Before spraying on your wood furniture, it will be better if you practice spray painting on a scrap object or piece of cardboard, especially if it has been a while since your last spray painting project. This practice not only make you get accustomed to how powerfully or consistently the spray gun behaves, but you can also find out how fast you can move it. Practicing it for even a couple minutes will help you get a better result from your spray painted wood.

  1. Avoid Spraying in Dusty or Windy Conditions

It will be better if you work when it is not windy as this will avoid you from stray sprays of paint and dust accumulation on painted furniture. Besides, you also need to have good ventilation when working.

  1. Apply Primer Before Paint

One or two coats are needed to be applied before painting the wood furniture. The best way to cover it is by applying in light coats over the furniture and ensures complete coverage, after that let it dry completely before spray painting, applying primer will give a smooth and glossy finish overall.


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