Steps to Dry the Paint Quickly

The most boring part in painting is to wait the paint dries. It seems like forever if you are waiting in boredom to the next step of the project.  If you are a painter whatever the tools are, airless spray, brush, or paint roller, these few tricks will help the paint dry faster.

Working with Watercolor

Commonly, watercolor paints can dry easily in comparison to other types of paint, but drying it more quickly can help prevent streaking and bleed lines in large blocks of solid color.  When you apply the paint, begin with using less water in your brush. After that, to gently blow the paint dry, you can use a hair dryer which is set on the cool setting. Remember for not to hold the hair dryer too close to the painting as it can cause wet watercolor spread where you don’t want it.

Applying Acrylics

Even though not many people have tried acrylics; however, diluting acrylic paint by about 10 percent will aid the paint dry faster. Moreover, you can also use a foam brush and apply the paint as a series of washes or multiple thin layers to make them dry immediately. A hair dryer or heat gun work well with these paints as well. Furthermore, knowing how to dry the surface will also important, the right way to dry it by holding the dryer about 18 to 24 inches above the surface and slowly move closer will make the dryer move steadily. Remember to use a cooler setting to avoid the paint get messy.

Oil Paint Drying Mediums

If you want to have a quick oil painting result, you can do drying mediums, which essentially takes a month or two to completely dry before varnishing. Stick to the thick-over-thin rule when oil painting, adding successive thicker layers over thinner washes.

  • Use turpentine to thin oil paints and hasten drying
  • Alkyd mediums speed drying along
  • Select a cobalt medium to dry oil paints quicker

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