How to Get the Best of Both Worlds Between Brushing and Spraying Paint Techniques

Doing paint job sometimes can be troublesome if you do not know the right techniques and tools that can produce the best result for it. Here is a simple way that you can help you truly get a smooth result.

Spraying Paint

There’s no doubt the speed of spraying paint, like airless spray or air spray gun is above any other tools. In fact, you can cover an entire wall in minutes instead of hours. But of course, everything has two sides, positive and negative. Therefore, here are some of the benefits and negatives in using spraying paint.


  1. Can get into hard to reach areas
  2. Smooth finish free or brush/roller marks
  3. Incredibly fast application
  4. One coat coverage

From the above benefits, it seems like paint sprayer is flawless, however, there are some difficulties related to spraying paint.

  1. Poor adhesion
  2. Long prep and clean up time
  3. Can’t paint on windy days
  4. Uneven coverage (sometimes too thick)
  5. Uses 2-3 times as much paint as brushing

Brushing paint

It is the most common way in painting; therefore so many people will probably get used to it. In fact, people likely love and hate brushing on paint. It is because brushing paint will require a slow and tedious work and often results in brush marks if you do it carelessly, but on the other hand it offers you with a good control like applying paint with a good brush. Just like spraying paint, brushing paint does have some advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Very good adhesion
  2. Gets paint into nooks and crannies better than spraying
  3. Excellent control
  4. Even, uniform coverage

So far it looks like brushing wins over spray gun, but not so fast, here are some of the negatives of brush.


  1. Can leave brush marks
  2. Slow, laborious application
  3. Can require 2 or more coats
  4. Obstructions make for difficult application

From the above methods, you can actually twist up both of them to get the best result. In my studies, the best way to apply paint is by using an airless sprayer and “back-brushing”. Back-brushing is the practice of brushing over paint that has been applied with either a roller or sprayer. It may make you work double. By using this technique you will get the paint reach into any narrow area and even give you a lasting paint job.


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