Paint Sprayer VS Roller

Mostly, professional painters would rather use a paint sprayer tool, such as air less sprayer or air sprayer gun to help them finishing their work rather than using traditional way like a paint roller. There are three main reasons why many professional painters prefer sprayer rather than roller. For those who have tried using sprayers can attest to these advantages. For who have not tried to use sprayers can read some of the main benefits of sprayer that can be offered by sprayers.


The main reason for many professional painters use sprayer rather than roller is because paint sprayers really expedite the painting process. In fact, working with paint sprayers will make the painting process done twice or three times faster compared to the use of rollers. The ideal speed of hand movement when using spray guns is two to three feet per second. A faster work becomes possible because it has good paint systems that allow an accurate adjustment of the fan pattern. There are also some guns designed for very large surfaces such the fan pattern that can dramatically enfold large surface areas immediately.


Paint sprayers provide in all sizes, designs, and brands, so you can choose a system that is appropriate for your project. The two major kinds of sprayers are the “airless” spray systems and the “air compression” systems. Instead of using direct pressure, the former does not utilize air in ejecting paint. In order to push the paint out of the nozzle tip, the latter on the other hand uses an air compressor.

Paint Coverage

The other main reason with the use of paint sprayers is the output. It is ejected as a fine mist that entirely covers, since paint is atomized with the use of spray guns. Conversely, there may be a tendency to get messy pattern from roller that will need time to correct. In fact, paint sprayers produce smooth-looking coverage rather than roller. Furthermore, you can easily coverage and reach difficult places, such as wall crevices and corners.


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