5 Things to Consider when Buying an Airless Sprayer

Painting with airless sprayer is the best way to gain satisfying result as it produces the smoothest and quickest result rather than any other methods. No wonder that because of this reason, many painters chase to own this tool, however, buying an airless spray gun is not as simply as we think. This is because airless sprayer is designed to meet many categorizations, therefore you should know several things before buying it, and here are several things that you should know.

  1. What type of surface?

First, you need to find out what kind of surface that you will work with, either dried wall or concrete will need different tip.

  1. What coating will you use?

One thing that you should know is that coatings or paints will require different tip sizes. Therefore, if you plan to do on various coating, it is recommended to select the right model for the right job.

  1. Projects will you be Spraying?

Each building may also needs different coating types, source of energy, and labor costs. So, you need to know each kind of model that may suitable for each building.

  1. What are the Proper Lengths and Diameters Hose for Your Job?

Find out the best diameter hose to meet your length requirements is important to find out the right spraying pressure. The hose diameter will affect the gun pressure, so, the larger the hose diameter, the greater the pressure at the gun will be.

  1. How Many Liters/Gallons will You Apply per Week?

By knowing how much gallons of coating or paints that you will use, it will help you determine the size of sprayer that you will need. As a result, you can decide to purchase the big or small one. If you have limited budget, you can choose to buy a small one, in fact applied for the heavy project will be such a great disappointment for many contractors.


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