Variation Types of Airless Spray Tip

It’s a small tool but have a big function in airless system, this thing is known as airless spray tip. Airless spray tip is used to determine the fluid flow or amount of the coating applied, create back pressure in the line for an evenly atomized pattern, and create the spray pattern.  How important the function of the tip is sometimes makes painter feel confuse about choosing the right tips, this because there are many types of airless spray tip that you can choose to suit your needs. Here are the types of airless spray that you can find.

Fine Finish SwitchTip

Spray tip for any application

  • RAC X Fine Finish Switch Tips spray at lower pressures than standard tips and Fine Finish RAC 5 tips
  • Less overspray and a tighter with more consistent fan pattern
  • RAC X Fine Finish Switch Tips offer superior atomization
  • Apply in a wide variety of coatings: Lacquers, Stains, Enamels, Latex, Acrylics

LineLazer & FieldLazer SwithTip

  • Create clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges or thin spots
  • Design specifically for parking lots, roads, warehouse, floors, crosswalks and athletic fields
  • Spray heavy water-based to thin alkyd traffic paints
  • Ensure consistent paint thickness, from edge to edge, less overspray and long-lasting lines

Heavy Duty SwitchTip

  • This tip is very suitable for Xtreme sprayers and XTR Airless Spray Guns
  • Newly designed XHD is interchangeable with GHD guards and tips
  • No tools required! Change tips in seconds
  • Locking tab ensures tip stays securely in tip guard
  • Common applications include bbridges, farms, structural steel and roofing

Reverse-A-Clean (RAC)

Most Popular used Reversible Spray Tip on the Market

  • Used for residential and commercial applications
  • Includes OneSeal for most common coating
  • Large selection of tip sizes available
  • Easy to identify laser stamped tip sizes
  • Solvent seal available when using extremely hot solvents

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