Which one Will Suit Your Needs: HVLP or Airless Paint Sprayers?

In the beginning of the year, you may need to have new interior decorations for your house to create a new atmosphere for your house. Buying new furniture and decorations may spend you with lots of money, if you want to have a new look for your house without the need to spend a lot of budget, you can consider changing your house color, since just by changing its color you can easily have a new impression. So often, people use brush or rolling paint to recolor their houses, but these traditional ways are not efficient as they take quite a long time to finish the painting job rather than painting with air spray gun. If you want to have a quick and smooth result, considering to using air spray gun is absolutely a great idea. Air spray gun is divided into two classifications. HVLP paint sprayer and airless paint sprayer. These two have a different function for different needs. So, knowing the difference between the two is important as this will help avoiding you from purchasing the wrong tool.

Here you will find the reasons and the best possible help for choosing the particular type of paint sprayer for your need. In fact, it is clearly dependent on the type of job you are going to cover.

HVLP paint sprayer

HVLP sprayers can do the detailed and precise job with little overspray and almost no noise. Therefore, it will be best for indoor application. If you want to achieve fine spray, HVLP can do this with almost no problem since it is provided with compressor.

Airless paint sprayer

An airless paint sprayer is commonly used for outdoor application because of more overspray and loud noise as compared to HVLP sprayers, but usually it is cheaper than HVLP sprayers. If you want to have a portable and really a workhorse to handle thick paints and jobs covering large area, you should use airless paint sprayer. Besides, it can spread gallons of paints in just a minute.


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